KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & fun on 3 fenced acres every day of the year
KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & funon 3 fenced acres every day of the year 

Kindred Spirit: A cage-free haven for small dogs, Seniors and dogs who need special TLC!

 A personal & outdoorsy alternative to kennels and house sitters since 2006!

PSI Bonded&Insured!


Kindred Spirit has run a cage-free, compassionate boarding business since 2006 ! 

  • Owner Martina concentrates on the individual needs of small dogs  and bigger Seniors at  THE KINDRED SPIRIT COTTAGE located on 1 fenced acre and shown in picture above.
  • Partner Neil enjoys caring for a few mid-sized dogs and takes them on long hikes
  • We accept a dog's temperament ans uitability in an interview and preliminary daycare before we accept them . 
  •  Our service starts around  8am  with a daily adventurous 2 mile trail hike for active dogs  Seniors go on a leashed neighborhood hike afterwards 
  • EVERYONE gets a choice of sleeping on a couch, dog bed  or crate in our home overnight .
  • We provide daycare for a bigger group of our regular customers 3 days a week .
  • We are bonded and insured
  • OUR FOCUS IS ON THE INDIVIDUAL DOG  we temperament test her/ him by introducing them to our own  dogs in our inital interview. We find out what they like / dislike and we watch their pack behavior when you bring them for a playdate before their service starts - then we accept the dog .Owner Martina has studied Canine Psychology , Canine first aid and has 14 years of experience handling dogs in a safe and compassionate way . 
  • We are low-tech (no cameras, no artificial turf) and hands-on,  spending 8 hours supervising dogs play inside and outside daily. Someone is on the premises nearly always to keep an eye/ear on them.,

We feel that if we would get a dollar for every time the dogs make us smile, we would all be millionaires:-)

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