KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & fun on 3 fenced acres every day of the year
KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & funon 3 fenced acres every day of the year 

Open daily:   7 am TO 6 pm 

Please call  541-706-1544

or email: kindredspiritpc

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Kindred Spirit Pet Care

60742 Bristol Way 

Bend,  97702


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 "A typical day at the Cottage  " narrated by Pablo, our resident-dog and  unofficial manager of the whole place . He is currently training our Chi-mix Pita Puppy to be his deputy...

6 am : Time to wake our human up: we pant, we march,we nudge her and all the guest dogs who sleep in her bed . Finally she stirs: we celebrate with hugs and licks and then she lets us out to sniff and water the many trees in our big  backyard 

6:30 am  : Time for Breakfast and a proper sniff-out of all the many trees on the poperty !

7:45  am : the Daycare dogs and our human assistant  arrive : We wag, we bark , we posture and we are so excited 

8 am: THE BEST TIME OF THE DAY: GROUP HIKE we have a secret 50 acre spot with a canal running through it , where we can jump over sagebrush. run and chase each other - NO CARS!!! we pile into the car and drive there .

10 am : We are back - and we are tired! Snooze time - while the poor humans clean house, pay bills and do all this other boring human stuff.We are so glad to be excempt from that ! 

11 am: Martina goes to run errands and we have chew sticks and watch the house . A good deal for us...

1 pm : she is back and we celebrate! Then the " half day dogs'' go home and we have an early dinner 

2 pm:  Backyard time Balls , sniffs, rolling in  the grass etc 

3 pm : Either another lil walk with our Senior guests in the big field close to our house  or an outing  to Ponderosa dog park 

4 pm- 6pm : The day care dogs go home -we flirt with their parents and tell them about all the fun ...

6 pm : Evening snack  and time to watch the news with Martina and cuddle up . If she goes away ,we will watch the house again or talk to teh roommates

10 pm : Getting ready for bed _ One more lab through the back yard and one big dog biscuit. please. Good night !

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