The KINDRED SPRIT RANCH  is an ideal place for dogs to play, interact and nap in a cage -free environment !

From its small in-town beginnings in 2006 Kindred Spirit  has blossomed into a team of 6 dog lovers,who care for dogs in different areas of on our 3 acre ranch. In addition to supervised playtime and sleeping arrangements in one of our shared spaces ( crates and dog beds in Canine Clubhouse or family Ranch House)  your dog can choose to join us for our daily hikes straight from the ranch free of charge. We also offer basic grooming and training  on a donation basis for dogs of all needs. Dogs can stay anywhere from an afternoon to 3 months. 80% of our canine and human customers return to us at least twice a year and many come weekly for daycare.

Please read this important Information :
1. We require all dogs to be socialized around people and other dogs . This is important because of our free- play structure and large yard
2. We require current vaccination, a protection against lice and ticks as well as as name and number of your vet clinic for reference
3. We do not accept unneutered males older than 7 months as they tend to draw aggression form the other neutered males in the pack
4. “Bully breeds ” are only accepted after a detailed temperament test and an observation of their behavior in the group

To determine if our ranch is a good fit for you and your dog  we invite both of you to visit us at our ranch so we can assess your dog’s  social skills and temperament by meeting our  ranch dogs<span style=”font-weight: normal;”> .Visitors from out -of- town are asked to describe their dogs needs and social experiences in a phone interview before they enroll their dogs .

Please follow the easy directions under “Contact us” ( GPS often leads you on a wild goose chase through our neighborhood ) and give us a call .

We can’t wait to meet you and your dogs !